Harley-Davidson® Poker Chip Collectors Frame, 6927

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Dealer chips from your motorcycle travels? If yes, then you might be a collector.  To many Harley-Davidson® riders, these chips are not only works of art, but a way to commemorate their travels. Collectors have a focus on their aesthetics, especially the novel designs and color combinations. Those that collect chips know they have both intrinsic value and a collection value, especially when they are phased out in favor of new design. This frame is the perfect way to display these treasures. The frame can be displayed on a wall or on a counter. A black flock insert holds the chips securely in place. Made with blackened wood with an acrylic front windowpane, it holds 26 of your favorite chips. If your hobby is collecting poker chips as well as biking, this frame displays both. 

  • Stands up/Mounts on Wall
  • Black Wooden Frame
  • 26 Chip Capacity
  • Acrylic Front
  • Measures 13 1/2" X 11 1/2"
  • Poker Chips Not Included
  • Made in the USA